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 Kaifeng Hollysys Industrial  Instrument Co., Ltd.

 Contact: Manager Lee

 mobile: +86-13937820656


 Mailbox:[email protected]

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Kaifeng Hollysys Industrial Intsrument Co., Ltd.Kaifeng Hollysys Industrial Instrument Co., Ltd., called Kaifeng Hollysys, is located in Kaifeng, where is the national flow meter bases "seven dynasties". It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, design and production of flow meters. It specializes in producing various gas and liquid flow meters. The main products are: electromagnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, turbine flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, material (liquid) level flow meter and other instruments. 
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Address:Kaifeng economic and Technological Agglomeration Area, Huanglong Industrial Park, east side of industrial road.
Phone:+86 0371-26665688 Contact: Manager Li Mobile: +8613937820656
Fax: +86 0371-26688188 Mailbox: [email protected]
037126665688Manager Li: +86 13937820656
Working day:9:00-18:00
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